We have a high image of the child
We believe children are competent, creative, intelligent and strong.
Our students are confident critical thinkers, creators, collaborators, communicators and problem solvers.
Inquiry builds confidence
A different point of view
Examining objects and ideas from different perspectives is part of everyday learning.
Learning in 2 Languages (or more)
The research is compelling: better executive function, divergent thinking, global-mindedness.
Learning is most powerful when it's interesting, engaging and relevant.
Curiosity and Wonder
Hands-on Environmental Science
Our garden is a sanctuary where students connect with nature, grow food and learn about the life sciences.
Our vibrant and diverse international community inspires critical thinking, creative expression and fosters a lifelong passion for learning.
Driven by their own imagination
Our teachers are facilitators
Teachers are co-creators of knowledge within a warm and nurturing environment.
We don't just tell them...
Our students inquire, they hypothesize, test, discuss and test again. We believe this is how they learn, understand and remember.
Music develops the learning brain
Every child learns to play several instruments, to read and write music.
The only Digital Atelier in the US
A space where technology, art, literacy and science meet.
Art and the "100 languages"
The Reggio Emilia Atelier is a workshop where students experience a large variety of materials within a trans-disciplinary curriculum.
Technology has its place
We use it as a creative tool, for research, coding and collaboration.
Nothing without joy! Niente senza gioia!
We believe that children who imagine, create and explore in a beautiful environment become lovers of learning for life.
We educate the whole child - intellectually, physically and emotionally - in a joyful and happy environment.
Welcome to La Scuola!

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Italian Consul General and La Scuola dad Lorenzo Ortona speaks at LDV: "Tonight, we are here to celebrate its past, its present and its glowing future, and to contribute to its continued, thriving success. We are here to celebrate the four core values of the school – Collaboration, Respect, Empathy and Responsibility... As many of you may know, the founder of the Reggio Emilia approach, Loris Malaguzzi, was the sort of Italian forward-thinker of whom Italy is very proud. I recently read some of his words, and I think we should keep them in mind tonight as we think about contributing to La Scuola’s future: “Imagine the school as an enormous hot air balloon. The hot air ballon is on the ground when the parents bring their children in the morning. Some parents think the balloon is going to rise up and fly around during the day. Others would really prefer that the balloon remain on the ground because that way they are sure their children are safe and protected. But the children want to go up and fly and travel everywhere in a hot air balloon, to see in this different way, to look at things from above. Our problem is that to make the hot air balloon fly we have to make sure that parents understand the importance of what the teachers and children are doing in the hot air balloon. Flying through the air, seeing the world in a different way, adds to the wealth of all of us, particularly the children.” On this note, I will leave you to reflect upon the belief that we all share in letting our children fly great distances at La Scuola."